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What we're all about - fire, food and beads! How to find out more.... What's coming up For Members Only! Well, duh!  Join the fun!

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Welcome! We're the northern California chapter of the Society of Glass Beadmakers, and we like to play with fire!

Our group – which we call SGB NorCal – meets once a month at members' homes and occasionally at places that have something special to offer related to the art of glass beadmaking, such as the Crucible, the Bay Area Glass Institute or Arrow Springs. Send an e-mail if you'd like more information about joining or would like to join.

At our meetings, there's always a demo, often open-torch sessions, and a friendly group of artisans who always welcome new members and are happy to share their what they know about making beautiful beads. And food! Yes, our meetings are always a potluck, so be sure to bring something yummy to share!




Our March Meeting will be April 23
at Jim & Peggy Kervin's
in Livermore

As most of you know already, a meeting at Jim and Peggy Kervin's means we get to bring beads and play with the awesome array of coldworking tools Jim can deploy -- which means we can grind and sandblast those babies to our hearts' content. Bring beads ON THE MANDRELS.
But wait - there's more! (check your newsletter.....)

Also: Diane Peterson will demonstrate how to make this cool necklace!